There are many tourists that go traveling alone is the best way to discover the world. And that’s the most important thing when traveling alone, you will fully master a journey to discover themselves and the world around you.

It’s interesting to go traveling alone there is an opportunity for you to pamper yourself after a long time working and studying full pressure and fatigue. When traveling alone, you do not have to follow any rule or of a group of individuals at all. You can freely enjoy private time in the way that you want, do what you like.

However, go traveling alone also contains many hidden dangers, requiring travelers to have a thorough understanding of where I was going to. The first concern is safe: there is a simple fact that guests traveling dust often very concerned about the level of safety in the country they intend to where they will not have to worry about terrorism war or racism, theft …

Concerns Monday though somewhat abstract but also equally important that you choose the country where the stop has to be a happy place? A country where you can easily interact with the locals, can communicate easily even if you are struggling with a new language, get people greeted with a friendly smile, During warm on the trip, which also helps highlight your journey more interesting.

To find out the answers to the questions above, we have collected data from the Global Peace Index which ranked 162 countries to find peaceful places with safety indicators and the happiest. Following are results of the top 10 best destination and safest for those who travel alone dust.

1. New Zealand

Safety Index ranking: 4

Happiness index ranking: 24

With safety index ranked No. 4 and happiness index ranked No. 24, New Zealand was ranked first in the ranking of the most wonderful countries when traveling dust.

In New Zealand – famous filming location of the movie “The Lord of the Rings”, visitors can expect to experience the full adventure on the glacier, in the jungle, on the top southern mountains of the Alps and is immersed in activities such as bungee jumping, canoeing, jet, or hiking on the Milford Track legendary road … The people here are very friendly and open to guests traveling .

2. Norway

Safety Index ranking: 10

Happiness index ranking: 22

Norway is a country with the highest human development globally. Not only that government is always the problem of peace in the forefront of the priorities of the country.

Come to Norway, guests will be visiting the picturesque places famous all over the world as the long coastline, many islands, national parks, bays located adjacent row. Or you can also planned with local tour guide for a trip along the fjord, with all kinds of different rooms suitable for pocket money: from comfortable hotels to the mountain hut.

3. Switzerland

Safety Index ranking: 5

Happiness index ranking: 30

Switzerland is a reasonable choice for those traveling alone because it is known with respect for individual freedoms. This country is one ideal destination for guests traveling by beautiful natural scenery. Be well equipped for hiking trips in the Swiss train tickets (for train, tram, boat). You can start the day in silence, watching the pedestrians in Zurich and then to the Lake Geneva area to enjoy the nightlife or visit Montreux and Lausanne Museum before continuing the journey to Ticino – fantasy land at the southernmost tip Switzerland.

4. Costa Rica

Safety Index ranking: 42

Happiness index ranking: 1

Costa Rica is known as one of the happiest country in the world. Costa Rica impressed upon the happiness index ranked first and only secure ranked number 42. Many tourists visit this place to recognize that the concept of ” tourism adventure alone “was born in Costa Rica. For decades, this country has been chosen as the Americans accommodation activities surfing on the Pacific coast. If relaxation is the priority, then you can also take a trip to adventure in the jungle or sailing on the Pacuare River with clear water.

5. Austria

Safety Index ranking: 3

Happiness index ranking: 42

Petite and lovely, Vienna is one of Europe’s smaller cities where travelers can move without worrying about getting lost. In Vienna, guests will enjoy concerts, visited dozens of museums and quiet cafe where you can live as a true Viennese residents. Here too there is a dense network of rail can take you to anywhere in the country, from Innsbruck to Graz Kitzbühel or easily.

6. Vietnam

Safety Index ranking: 45

Happiness index ranking: 2

The colorful street life and safety have throughout all the largest cities of Vietnam, whether you are exploring Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Xuan Market in Hanoi; or you can join in the hundreds of people at Hoan Kiem lake or visiting the mountain in the remote Central Highlands region. You should go with a guided tour whentraveling in Vietnam to be introduced more about beauty or special dishes here.

7. Chile

Safety Index ranking: 30

Happiness index ranking: 19

People in Chile notorious by the friendliness and hospitality. Also, another plus for the love adventure travelers an opportunity to explore the 3,000-mile stretch of the vast desert area or the majestic mountains and endless beaches. All are safe and in control. Who knows, you may become a guest at a family barbecue in Chile and are they treated like a family member. This is something you can only find in this beautiful country.

8. Japan

Safety Index ranking: 8

Happiness index ranking: 48

One thing in particular that you may find in this country is the castle designed in ancient culture, the beautiful forests tinted with hundreds of unique dishes in particular its own culture without one country in the world can be confused.

You can visit the Megalopolis (the big cities are connected together by a convenient transportation axis) in Tokyo, or you can catch a bus to Mount Fuji to experience the tranquility here, enjoy hot springs, meditation and eating at a sushi restaurant a certain vintage. Regarding accommodation, there from the old inn to the modern hotel is designed for guests traveling .

9. Sweden:

Safety Index ranking: 11

Happiness index ranking: 45

Guests will feel comfortable when traveling alone in Stockholm – a small city surrounded by sea and islands. The abundance of outdoor activities like sea kayaking, biking to explore the city … can fully meet your interests. Advance guard city life aside, the essence of this beautiful country are located in the wild, lakeside or climb the north …

10. Indonesia

Safety Index ranking: 54

Happiness index ranking: 5

Indonesia is considered “cheap haven”. The temple, yoga on the beach, accommodation, food and massage services: all are cheap. Add to that a long list of places for gueststraveling backpack, devotees and followers of the spiritual. In addition, the pearl island of Bali is also an ideal destination for tourists who want to explore the world alone.


Flights tourism alone will make you think nothing is too difficult as you may think. Gotraveling alone is the way to refresh yourself in a way that you want and you can feel exactly the capabilities they have. You’ll feel like I can conquer the world and think there is nothing they can not do.

If the above did you mesmerized, then what are you waiting for? Please backpack up and depart soon

Source: Businessinsider