1. Horizontal stripes do not look at all flattering

It is true that wearing horizontal often feeling fuller for plump physique but not so that you put them in a list of items to avoid. If you are afraid to copy lines, the lightness, slender would be her choice yet you can also view how beautiful a calibration. Even to a little girl interested in fashion well known to the classics of the horizontal line in one village. Then why you are boycotting them be?


2. No shorts to work face

The concept of fashion office is on the psychological and softer for office people. Decency, seriousness and standards but still the first request, but besides that there are always comfortable design and dynamic so you can change styles every day. So shorts are also becoming a familiar item in fashion office women of today. But you should also note thatshorts the office here are names like shorts or bermuda shorts suit … comfortably cool but still full of elegance needed, not the designer shorts s short leg breeze but you have every time you go out with a head start assembly.



3. navy blue and black can not stand together

This really is a misconception to think that navy blue and black can not paired together.Apparently the fashion palette, two colors are always considered flattering, the most skin.Black noble, mysterious luxury while navy blue side equally on caste, the trendy capital. So nothing is impossible as both support and resonance together on the same set of items at all.


4. Material leather only for the cold season

Mentioned leather surely everyone will think of jackets or other warm clothes, but not therefore give it the label material just for the cold season. If you think so you have accidentally skipped the designer shorts s, or skirt mini super personality and all the accessory bags, sandal s skin never have any respect for any fashion season.


Ankle-strap sandals 5. make legs look short piece

Ankle-straps sandal ‘s unique design is somewhat squeezed through ankle straps so much as it feels feet separation, not seamless, but it was just the feeling when you can not choose the dress comes, but it does not make short legs away or affect your height at all. But if you do not want to look small when the slip on a pair of ankle strap sandal s, omit the designer mini or short on pillows, midi skirts, shorts or any item cropped length through a combination of new knee calibration and type sandal s and ready improving your physique.


6. Immediately relatives were not be compared with two-piece bikini

In fact, each style will have the charm that should not be designed to bring the two compared. If the bikini is a full-body help you show off those sexy curves, the bodyswim with hugging catsuit is not all. Furthermore associated body shape has the ability to hide the missing parts of the body slim.


7. Only in the area of ​​winter boots

There is a regulation for the boots are only present in the cold season. There’s always the girl fashionista boots presence with short skirts or other cool outfit with the utmost quality and individuality. However for the area in hot weather you should also choose the design a bit airy and not the type turtleneck fur boots you ‘.


8. Nobody Natural area monotonous white tree

Myth lacks white highlights, faint or clear monotonic not fit the present time. The evidence is that, despite the fashion season no matter what the style of white on white has always occupied the center of the fashion house’s reputation. If still freak out about the whole plant set of white furniture, you can mix different colors and accessories, white tones can highlight any shade comes with it.


9. Apparel tassels attached to the festive season

Several years ago, they may people will spend the tassels designed to stand for the festivities.As for the present, the tassels are variations strip, gently accenting on costumes and accessories to become more expensive. It is no longer flaunt as before but has become lovely, noble and much softer. So no need to chance anything, you can still dress very stylishly and tassels personality.


10. Kaki can only wear casual style

Material khaki born to create a sense of comfort and convenience for the wearer, it is associated with dynamic street style but not so that you can just follow a single area khaki casual style familiar. Kaki often married to shoes and sports clothes but if you simply want to change the style then look and shoes with high heels and a dress designer momentum tone a bit fussy offline.


11. Sneaker not for her dance track

The robust double sneaker not too unfamiliar with fashionistas, it is associated with the image of the girl with toys dynamic jeans , T-shirts or shirts simple. But that’s just the point fashion when new sneaker appearance only. Slowly, it began to be explored further in a mix map with a completely new item is the dress dance opposition momentum. The combination of two contradictory styles makes the wearer seemed odd but brings a style very interesting and impressive.

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Denim on denim looks like 12 senior at

Surely this is a misconception and should be removed immediately. You think denim ondenim look “rustic” but now whether she bore a style that does not pursue it. Denim ondenim appeared standing in street style pictures bold liberal and you only need to remember the formula is chosen the offset tone was able to conquer completely and present them in a possible class.