1. Heart Coffee Roasters, Portland, Ore.

Why you should visit: Affogatto here! Affogatto here not only very lovely name, but it also melts in your mouth with the perfect combination between espresso and home made coconut ice cream. Here, you will not just be filling the chest with fragrant smell of coffee roasters, but also sit happily discuss the variety of coffee around the world with the guy barista.

2. Kaffeine, London

Why you should visit: Cafe in Kaffeine like a flight will take you to another place entirely not of this world. Do not drink any coffee cups before had here, by “flight” experience prepare you include a shot of espresso, cappuccino and a glass one shot cascara cold tea to refresh the palate. And you know something? Barista in Kaffeine must undergo at least 3 years of practice, practice before you get behind the counter of the bar preparation.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters 3, Portland, Ore

Why you should visit: Stumptown often boil dishes TODDY (brandy with sugar and hot water) of the restaurant for 12 hours before carrying out service. And this dish is sure to be TODDY things bring drinks to your best cafe you been drinking. It is less sour than normal hot coffee, chocolate tastes better again thanks to the boil for 12 hours.

4. Blue Bottle Coffee, Oakland

Why you should visit: If you gloat sweet rock cafe dishes surely, Blue Bottle cafe in the stone is what you are looking for. Cafe ice cold distilled here in half a day with chicory roots and sweetened with organic cane sugar!

5. Coffee Supreme in Auckland, New Zealand

Why you should visit: Supreme Coffee is the only place in the world you can enjoy coffee syrup soda. You even can add sparkling water or milk to your coffee cup extra special. Not to mention that, at Coffee Supreme atmosphere perfect for sitting work, or even very suggestive feeling a little more like … call food.

6. Craft Cafe, Paris

Why you should visit: Cafe Craft often crowded! But if unfortunately, you can find a seat in cafes awfully popular, make sure that he will order a glass of noisette, or espresso with milk, to truly enjoy Parisian cafe as a genuine market .

7. Analog Coffee, Calgary, Canada

Why you should visit: Analog Coffee offers a variety of delicious beverages, such as coffee or Latte Japanese. Local people here would love to sit at the bar to talk with barista, who was also a very savvy and bring coffee roasters.

8. The coffee Academic, Hongkong

Why you should visit: Academic Coffee not too showy as its name anywhere, but here really gives you the best cup of coffee you’ll ever drink. Cafe famous dish here is certainly rough latte with agave honey, add some black pepper flavor thanks! Listen saw attractive, right?

Cielito Querido Cafe 9, Mexico City

Why you should visit: Cielito Querido Cafe is one of the most lovely café you will ever lay eyes on. Here surely is the most popular sit conchitas call some freshly baked cake, then dipped into a hot cup of cappuccino arc up to feel the most obvious taste and experience the authentic Mexican cafe follow.

10. Dreamy Camera Cafe, Yangpyeong, South Korea

Why you should visit: Imagine that you are going into a camera, but actually it’s a coffee shop! That’s right! Dreamy Camera Cafe is unique cafes and lovely right from the stylish decoration and architecture! Here, you should call a cup of Americano ice, by simply because if you are going to drink coffee in … in a camera, you best to drink something with ice, as his boss!

11. Workshop Coffee, London

Why you should visit: Workshop is known as one of the leading coffee roasters in the world.Here not only played great cafe but even the way they decorate notch also. Nice cup of coffee that you did not even have the heart sip sip for … unfortunately.

12. Coffee Collective, Copenhagen

Why you should visit: Lovely Coffee Collective that as if you are entering an account of someone so Insagram. Call a new caffe glass modules while talking with barista too (he has won the World Barista Championship was). Set most famous cafe here always consists of a shot of espresso accompanied accordance with traditional capuccino.

13. Rosetta Roastery, Cape Town, South Africa

Why you should visit: Coffee Shop This minimalist black interior – white, it gives you the feeling of an old-style cafe immediately. Here, you do not have to rush fast quick order or buy cafe soon to call and walk away, the owner of this place wants you to sit back and say a little more about your cafe more reasonable. The most famous cafe here is kind of slow take-rock cafe in Japanese style.

14. Forty Ninth Parallel, Vancouver

Why you should visit: Espresso and donuts here! Think about it! Not the perfect cup of coffee any more, when combined with a freshly baked donut while you sit perched on the bar and nonchalantly watching the flow of people walking on the street in Vancouver.

15. 3FE, Dublin

Why you should visit: Services in 3FE too great, you did not even want to pick up the ass stand up, unless you wanted to order coffee. The atmosphere is peaceful and slow, even you can get lost in the mixing only see the barista. Do not worry, here, you can try many types of coffee at a time by calling a trio or filter coffee tasting set. With a trio coffee, you can enjoy the coffee beans here under 3 ways: espresso, espresso with milk and coffee strainer.

Addison & Steele 16, Perth, Australia

Why you should visit: You’ve never seen a public coffee shop cafe boil with fire and water tube? In Addison & Steele will bring you the experience through the creation of these “scientists cafe” of the place.

17. Drop Coffee Roasters, Stockholm

Why you should visit: Sweden friendly coffee shop not only greet you with a smile, but also makes you jumping with excitement with beautiful drawings on your cup of coffee latte.Even, beware that you’ll never want to leave Sweden again just by sitting trot try cafe here once.

18. Small Batch Coffee, Brighton, UK

Why you should visit: You can enjoy moments of gentle, quiet, away from the busy city with a trip to this lovely cafe. Call a glass of white flat stone or rock cafe, sip it and see the city really is a wonderful experience you should definitely try.

19. Bonanza Coffee, Berlin

Why you should visit: Bonanza is a small café with a big heart will make you relent soon as you step inside. Here, you will easily hit you with a few friends natives, because there is nothing easier and more fun while making friends together sitting around the coffee cup fragrant.

20. Mind the Cup, Athens

Why you should visit: Latte here will make you love when tasted. Even after only 5 ‘here, you will want to change the plan to stay here a little more, because everything around looked lovely as though taken from a movie.

21. Cafe Grumpy, New York

Why you should visit: You may recognize this as the Cafe Grumpy had seen Lena Dunham as barista here in the film Girls. Coffee Roasters Cafe Grumpy in Fort Greene and his certainty, their sweet flavor that will make you fidgety when crossed. Also, macarons here is excellent and they make a perfect match for you.

22. Da Matteo, Gothenburg, Sweden

Why you should visit: Da Matteo has cafe anywhere in the world! Just the smell of it alone are enough to make you “crazy” when accidentally pass by this door. And be sure that you’ve come here, you do not miss espresso in here, please! It has the aroma of fruit and absolute harmony with the scone in this shop!

23. Stragan Kawiarnia, Poznan, Poland

Why you should visit: Kawiarnia Stragan philosophy is to create fresh cup of coffee on the spot. The barista will even help you prepare coffee in front, and all you need to do is wait a bit and enjoy the drops of his hot new cafe.

24. Screaming Beans, Amsterdam

Why you should visit: Screaming Beans will make you scream inside for happiness.Imagine, you’re enjoying a croissant bread with sweet fruit, then sip espresso notes are incomplete! Awesome!

25. Kronotrop, Istanbul

Why you should visit: You do not really enjoy the cafe until you visit Kronotrop. This is where you can try a lot of flavor to coffee roasters for differences in boiling, distilling. For example, Japanese-style cafe, or even individually selected coffee grains on the counter to make a cup of coffee according to your preference hard way.