Fishing Festival on glaciers Hwacheon

Winter with the frozen surface of the river is the time of many strange festive fun everywhere in the world, especially in South Korea. One of the event attracted residents and tourists from around the world participated in the Hwacheon Mountain trout festival, which takes place on the river Hwacheon, Gangwon Province, South Korea. This is a traditional festival has a long life in Korea.



According to estimates, since the beginning of January, every day there are thousands of tourists and local residents focused on the icy river to join many games like skating, soccer on the ice and especially trout fishing contest on the board. Overall this is one of the most unique fishing screens worldwide. People will dig the ice surface into the small hole. Then they will put him down. Some even lying on the ice and reaching down to the cold water fish racket.


Average in every season associations, organizers dropped about 32 tons of salmon river alive for visitors. Also many attractive activities like fishing sideline by hand, clay modeling snow, skiing ….

Boryeong mud festival

Korean mud festival was first held in 1998 to promote the use of sludge from the beaches in Boryeong. From unexpected uses that brings mud, so far as the festival has become increasingly popular and attracts visitors not only for Korea, but also many visitors from all over the known world.


This is one of the most unique events in South Korea, is a festival guests most anticipated of the year. Day was held in July every year and lasts for about 2 weeks, attracting millions of tourists from all over the world flock here each festival takes place.

Attending unique Korean festival, you’ll find yourself swimming in the large mud tub, mud sliding chute, into mud prison, mud body paint color or conquer topped in the on mud wrestling. Especially those who feel passionate can attend training at sea with mud, while those who are looking for relaxing, refreshing can relax in massage area by mud.


Sludge used in this festival mud bath is not ordinary dirt that was taken at the Boryeong mud type and transported to the center of the festival at Daecheon beach. Boryeong mud is rich in minerals, very good for the skin and human health should also be used as a cosmetic. This sludge suction effect and remove all residues on the skin, then help improve the skin with minerals found in sludge. You can learn more about the unique mud festival in Korea to experience the great fun own only in this festival.

Barley Festival

Barley Festival is a popular festival, which takes place in the province of Gochang-gun on April every year and many localities across the nation was held. Starting in 2004, each year up to 10 barley festival held here. With open space and green barley fields helped many people get back to the atmosphere of childhood. Attending the barley festival, you can enjoy traditional delicacies such as pancakes, rice with raw material made ​​from barley.


4 Muju Firefly Festival

For those who love wild creatures, love fireflies will surely not be missed Muji firefly festival was held in June every year in South Korea to remember the world recognized as masterpieces natural fireflies of course.


The most interesting is seen fireflies at night. Thousands of fireflies flying in space gently, emitting blue light flickering as lamps forming spectacular scenes like you’re lost in the fairy world. When the sun sets in the sky Muju, image glowing fireflies flying around make for an extremely vivid landscapes and impressive. Attending the festival, visitors not only enjoy the beauty of nature and can learn about the life of fireflies, but also other events such as trout fishing and rafting giving visitors the opportunity to experience natural.

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