Beefy Hamburger

Although born in the port city of Hamburg (Germany), known as the Hamburger typical dish of Americans. Currently, there are many variations Hamburger buns with human diversity: from ink and chicken to pork, rice, shrimp. However, the characteristics of traditional Hamburger America remains No. 1 with personnel thoroughly grilled minced beef, yellow cheese placed between layers nursery, fragrant!

5 American cuisine - Europe makes the whole world "hysterical"

Beefy Hamburger – The hamburger “standard” America is the world’s favorite

Chicago Pizza “stuffing”

“Specialty” proud of the United States has never had difficulty conquering European cuisine fan – US. Unlike traditional Italian pizza, Chicago Pizza contains more than 300g mozzarella scrumptious world famous, with “stuffing” inside and butter coated crust 3.5cm high. Enjoy Chicago Pizza is a foreign tourist heaven hot plastic cheese, a wide choice of private and fragrant butter crispy crust where the tongue remains.

5 American cuisine - Europe makes the whole world "hysterical"

The rain “cheese” of Chicago Pizza “Human Stuff”.


Beefsteak flourished in the 1800s in New York. Most delicious beefsteak using US beef “genuine”, with low-fat and nutritious for health. How necessarily simple marinade that subtly to call up the most original taste. Smelled delicious beefsteak typical barbecue smoke, closeness and attraction to strange.

5 American cuisine - Europe makes the whole world "hysterical"

Enjoy beefsteak as tours on the vast grassland American Far West, with all the original and most characteristic.

Grilled Pork Chops

Is an indispensable dish of the outdoor barbecue bold American, barbecue pork ribs fascinated right from the first glance. Class of red berry sauce attractively spread widely on the rib roast chestnut carries the smoke smell, the taste is harmonious, soft as the flesh melting in the mouth enough to conquer anyone.

5 American cuisine - Europe makes the whole world "hysterical"

Add a bit of jumbo potatoes, salad and a glass of red wine, you will understand why this dish to make the world “insane” because it!

Pastas Black Ink Tagliatelle

Although not as common as spaghetti, pasta Black Tagliatelle is in essence top Italian cuisine by the sophistication and its scrumptious. Enjoy Black Tagliatelle right when still hot dishes, seafood fragrant incense, blended into cheese and sauce taste vegetable ratatouille known from southern France. Black Tagliatelle, therefore, is to combine flavors varied but harmonious, tasty, nutritious!

5 American cuisine - Europe makes the whole world "hysterical"

Natural Black Black Tagliatelle in squid that looks unique and characteristic flavor