Although no longer in this world, but what belongs to Audrey Hepburn from fashion, beauty lovely, uplifting as downy to her talent lives on in the minds of fans also as global grave tone. Not owning looks hot with curves draw the eye but humble slender Audrey fascinated viewers with elegance through physique, adorable sweet strokes of the face and the minimalist standards in style everyday. Main minimalist style makes every item she wears are becoming expensive and luxurious than all the stuff of fancy frills fashion many times over.

1. Legs classic midi skirt is always a safe choice whenever needed beautiful area

The midi skirt long design over the knee is one of the items on special favorite Audrey Hepburn. She seemed to love it to the point where every time she appears to have opted for a dress gently cradling spread, when it covers the same shirt when the shirt dynamically.Pictures of her lovely, slender hidden classic nostalgia still made the hearts awake whenever remember. Until now, little dresses but magical day that still fascinate global grave tone.And it is thanks to her dress, but any girl always wished to savor even a little picture of Audrey in it.



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2. Wide Area shape memory shirt collar buttons let two

Besides looks sweetly feminine, fashion followers are entranced by her at present charm his sexy designs in shirts white tank. And if a little attention you will see shortly, when the areashirt she always let two collar buttons. A somewhat mysterious, charismatic, a sexy enough, she always knew how to flatter petite slender physique and charm in his sweet appearance wide empty coat.




3. Do not ever freak out when choosing jumpsuit

If you think that Ken is the Audrey jumpsuit will make you completely change this view.Petite, lovely and extremely sweet, muse of cinema world in the design appear graceful jumpsuit that any believer who desires to learn and follow. With a small figure as Audrey, the sleek jumpsuit color or texture will be sleek simplicity best option while the motifs picky, abstract will suit tall, slender more.




4. Make a difference by combining layer and dress shirts instant

Before the fashion perspective still has the “difficulty breathing” of the decade of the 50s, the little girl Audrey Hepburn always searching and towards the dramatic differences in fashion. When the girls choose clothes mix with skirt or pants, then she re-distribution layer shirt and skirt immediately . This is a simple but most effective call processing two existing items in your closet into a wing and extremely interesting personality.



5. Jewelry or accessories – These things never missing

Audrey rarely seen or photographed without the accompanying accessories. When they add a hat, tied neck scarf side deflection imaging youthful, cheesy, and sometimes transformed into lovely ladies in extravagant design pearl jewelry or studded rhinestones, smoke eyes … With her, the best way to create the perfect look is combined costume fittings and subtle and elegant. Therefore, global grave tone to this moment still learning the way of Audrey, never underestimate the power of accessories, even with the simplest set of items.