Morning Glory Lake, Wyoming (USA)

This is an important warm lakes and the most beautiful in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA, where the hot water circuit with the sprawling, sparkling waters appear around the mouth and pure lake bottom . Ho Morning Glory named after a flower beautiful vines means “Ban tomorrow brilliant” by Mrs. EN McGowan, wife of the park management set by its similarity with this flower.


Morning Glory Pool area of ​​about 190m2, about 7m deep. Temperatures in the former reservoir to 100 ° C steam radiating spiraling into the sky on the east makes the landscape becomes more fanciful. Around the lake out the incredible bright colors like the rainbow seven. Dawn, when the first rays shone down the lake, Morning Glory looks like a colorful flower.
Diavik Diamond Mine, Canada

Diavik can be found on the map if we look at about 300 meters northwest of the city of Yellowknife, Canada. 8 million carats of diamonds were produced at this mine each year. Due to remote locations and sizes so large that Diavik has both its own airport with a runway large enough to accommodate a Boeing 737.


Glory Hole, Presa De Monticello, California

Properties Monticello dam, northern California, is one of the world’s largest dams. This deep water pit shaped like a funnel, allowing the water to drain out when it reaches a certain size. Because water escape velocity very large, reaching 1,370 m³ / s, so all activities near the area swimming is prohibited. Even the government has spread through the lake buoy chain to discourage any sailor or swimmers over here.



Big blue lake, Belice

Big Blue Lake Belice found near the center of Lighthouse Reef, a small atoll located coastlines and cities of country 100km Belice. Round-shaped lake, more than 300m deep and 125m wide, is formed from a system of limestone caves in the last ice age, when sea level is lower. When the water began to rise again, the caves were flooded and collapsed. Since then we have this gorgeous lake.



Large lake Kimberley, South Africa

De Beers diamond mine is one of the richest deposits of natural resources in the world. Because diamond rush in the nineteenth century, where it began to be exploited in 1871. And the “great lake” with a depth of about 240m, which is the result of excavations in this region with the participation of more 30,000 people.

Gates of Hell, Turkmenistan

A crater on fire in the heart of the Karakum desert Derwezehoac called Darvaza. Its light can be seen from hundreds of meters in the night. The flame “hell” is in fact the gas fire pit inside 60m wide, 20m deep this. Giant crater is the result of an accident when Soviet gas exploration in 1950. After the accident, it was burned but the fire that never turn off.


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