Choosing good fabric is extremely important because phom help dress up, make you look elegant and luxurious. Besides, the preservation of proper attire for each fabric is also equally important, help them more durable and always stay in shape initially.

Here’s how to care for and preserve costumes for each material:

The silk

Is a pretty silk fabrics ‘sensitive’ and in need of preservation and keeping careful than other materials.Fabric choices should be washed gently with cool water so washing your hands necessarily throw them into the machine instead toss excavations subject of cleaning cages. Silk fabrics are ‘allergic’ to temperature, so you should not wash with warm water and dry them up in the shade, avoid direct sunlight to maintain durable color and luster of silk.

If you want silk fabrics are soft, you can add white vinegar to the wash water at a rate of 3 tablespoons / 2 liters of water. To dress silk fabric is not wrinkled, deformed, you should up it in a towel and gently squeeze. As silk is extremely difficult stage because they are vulnerable to sun, you should take the lowest temperature and humidity as they are.
When storing silk fabric, you should hang them carefully smoothness in place to avoid direct sunlight. Do not use plastic containers to store by silk yarn and natural fabrics they need to be ‘breathing’.
Cloth jeans
When buying new jeans outfit on, you soak them in cold water mixed with vinegar or alum or salt water for several hours, then rinse thoroughly with water. Note is not to put soap in the first washes.Doing so will limit the status of jeans faded later. When drying jeans, suede left to dry in the shade and so they do not fade. Some people do not like the original color of faded jeans and wish them down, in this case, wash them with warm water.
Fashion experts agree that you should not wash jeans too often, because they will quickly lose the original in shape. Specifically, Chip Bergh- CEO of Levi Strauss has revealed shocking that he did not wash his jeans in a year. Bergh recommend you wash jeans restrictions, instead of dabbing the stain with a damp sponge or soft brush for stubborn stains.
Alternatively, you can leave the jeans into a plastic bag, in the refrigerator for about a day, this way although not clean dirt but they kill odor-causing bacteria for jeans.
Compared with other fabrics, cotton more durable so you can comfortable clothes washing machine from the material. You can also use the cleaners to remove stubborn dirt on cotton fabric. You should wash with warm water and cotton bleaching select if you want hot water. When choosing cotton clothing you should favor bright colors fading to limit the fabrics.