Maybe you’ve heard a lot about the fashion style of the 70s, but applications this trend is not the simple story.
When in 2014 reconstruct the image of the ’50s to 2015, the beauty of the girls 70s years flooded on every catwalk and street fashion. Which is denim, suede tassels blooming in the collections of numerous names like veteran in the world of Chanel, Gucci, Valentino … And on the street fashion district, the most recent, in Senior Fashion Week, easy to see the strong bond of trousers, flared tubes, eyelet lace trim with image of the fashionista. It is understandable when style humor 70s may just be the discerning fashion on the catwalk, both can be applied flexibly in daily life; because of their nature right from birth was “fashion for everybody”.

70s style is a rich picture with more diverse array of distinct colors of unisex Hippie movement, style glam rock, punk fashion and indispensable clarification from elegant bohemian style liberal . The arrangement of this diversity has created a girl 70s overall personality, strong but also very deep, very affectionate and not lack charm, femininity. Main flawless beauty and harmony thanks to the complementary nature of the elements composing was a factor to the designers effusive emotion creates classic luxury ladies lingering bit Francoise Hardy are romantic together deviant skirt boho floral motifs, natural charm from “the” Farrah Fawcett inside of trousers and independence, decisively from square scarf wrapped around his neck Bianca Jagger.

Although fashion is always moving cycle is not the style of 2015’s 70s stereotypes and concrete material from the past what brought current; that under the skilful hands of fashion, they have transformed, renovated to suit modern and fashionable ideas of each house. And yet, when the clothes have to hand the fashion followers, but each of them have views and combine its own. Thus, with each style 70s have a starting point and different ends. However, taken together they are told from the lightness of texture tied scarf and wild deflection boom with denim, suede, of trousers or shoes striking platfrom.

Original girl of 70s often have cold definition of oversized glasses come with the round shape of denim dust, liberal as clouds of handbag tassels. If ladies 50s make people immersed in the sweet strokes, gentle lady as the norm; it looks sexy lace peeks out from behind eyelet cuts of the 70s girl make men dwelling alone.

Ladies 70s so impressive, so confident, so far, despite the decades, their role model has always been something for the 2015 to pursue her. However, the journey of modern ladies of the past which is not an easy go. Although fashion is fashion 70s mass but not wearing any of this trend has been the completion of the retro. Because if only miscarriage, she has pushed itself into the pits of the old and obsolete. So she takes office secret to always beautiful when wearing style 70s? Let’s refer to the following tip offline.

1. Balancing the mix outfit

This is a prerequisite if you want to dress up your business attire 70s style. Is not just put on her all the year 70s are confident you can shine on a crowded street. The wearing retro does not mean that you throw away everything of modern times that a girl will subtly stylish combination so that both eyes look best. If your dress has floral motifs brocade, metallic accessories, the necessary minimal, there should be many winding wires. Besides, if you are not a high hand in the mix, you can use the map the basic dishes highly applicable as T-shirts or shirts, who are not picky about the style.

2. Select only highlights

Tassels is an indispensable characteristic of the style of the 70s and we are also making crazy grave tone for the delightful personality. However, despite the popular trend it is, you should not wear tassels entire first set. Just get them a highlight on an item such as dresses, handbags or shoes. This is also changed from what in the past. Instead of wearing tassels whole trees and rushes shrugged cumbersome, or use long tassels ribbons dot heels, she’s elegant and luxurious 2015 than with short rope tassels or just use them as a dotted for costume.

3. round stylish Eyeglasses

The oversized round eyeglasses that you are passionate that her products are the trendsetters since the 70s. Until now, the famous round eye glasses always bring something new and unique for women. In modern times, based on what is available, the redesigned add, remove or decorative motifs attached stone toward the sharper and more prominent for users. So, sometimes without having to bear too much represents just a oversized sunglasses fit round faces that you have brought on themselves the breath of the past now.

4. Shape is not very wide pants

Of trousers always brings a real nostalgic look but that does not mean they are old and outdated.Moreover, of trousers also serves as a flattering item extremely effective as they skillfully stretching his legs and highlight three of her charm. However, because not everyone has the appearance of a model so wearing a flared trousers and figure hugging fit is not too loose the flare would be most suitable choice for the trendy girl.

5. Denim Skirts

Accompanying the wild dance of the dusty suede and robust material jeans. Yet both maxi skirt and denim skirt are representatives of the 70s, but the denim skirt is still highly for her office to office when because of the convenience, high applicability no frills. Different from the previous year is often only denim skirt wrapped in a shirt designs like denim skirt, while frock or skirt often feels outdated, not trendy. However, when winds 70s have crept into every street, the fashion house has created for the different models can fit her style urban quarter.

6. Detailed lace eyelet

Eyelet is the common name of perforated fabric into larger ones, can see through the skin still feels discreet, just exudes elegance, has created fresh feeling and seductive for man Clothing. Sexy, seductive but never seemed mix of 70s was portrayed in eyelet lace trim vignette tenderness. With eyelet, without fussy, you can also highlight and feminine. However, should pay attention to detail eyelet not too pressing to set the sensitivity to add the more delicate items.