Shaped cake cute goldfish tasty medium makes people admiring your dexterity that! Funding made mooncakes with us!

Autumn is one of the major holidays of our nation. And pies, cakes plastic 2 is indispensable in this great holiday. Today will introduce you Lamsao making a fish-shaped cake lovely and cute polar offline!

In doing fish-shaped cake, you need:

– 450g flour

– 270ml sugar water make a cake. You may seek to buy water this way is quite easy on the bread stores offline! If not, you make your own syrup for the pancakes

– Mineral water 10ml

– Peanut oil 113ml

– The eggs to scan: 1 egg yolk, fresh milk 15ml

How to do : 

Step 1 : First you mix sugar, mineral water and peanut oil in large bowl, stir.

fish-shaped cake 1

Phase sugar water to make mooncakes.

Step 2 : Sift flour smooth, then pour the mixture into the upper stirring.

fish-shaped cake 2

Pour the flour mixture into the sugar water

Stir to smooth.

fish-shaped cake 3

Mix up

Step 3: For flour and knead the dough rest for 20 minutes again.

Step 4: 4 You give flour into cake mold small fish. Because there’s no cake flour so you just have a small mold used to shape like a biscuit, then taste and enjoy food more than offline!

fish-shaped cake 4

Close fish-shaped cake

Step 5 : Get the red beans do ankle, then put on a baking tray lined available was stencils class. Turn oven for 10 minutes, heat about 160 degrees C.

And bake the cake in the oven for 10 minutes, then you take the cake out to stay 10 minutes, then knead an egg layer up, keep the oven for another 15 minutes and then take the cake out offline! So you’ve finished dish unique cake already.

fish-shaped cake 5

Bring baked mooncakes go public.

Freshly baked scones are hard and not tasty. You for 3-4 hours after eating the cake, the cake will new softer and tastier offline!

Carp are famous symbols of the occasion Mid-Autumn Festival. So mid-autumn season, mothers often go buy fish cake to the moon furnished beautiful feast. This year, instead of going to buy, you make a cake funding a fish for the family to enjoy safer. Surely you will enjoy both the great feast day when the mid-autumn festival has more to this lovely goldfish.