1. Dress elegant, flattering

Nothing can turn a girl becomes more beautiful with the dress! With the summer 2015 edition, elegant dresses with trends as mere skirt, lace skirt riem or tassels, midi skirt … will give you the perfect look without spending a lot of time mixing chart.
2. Size pants culottes
The main cult pants are making a fashion craze amongst the idea would be talking to you. Culottes pants are a combination of youthfulness and elegance, comfort and luxury, all these factors make it a fashion item most sought this summer. Culottes pants with calf horizontal length would be the perfect choice for every body type. Also, do not choose too wide culottes pants unless you own measure of “crisis” as the model because it will “eat off” a decent height you.
Monochrome culottes pants are always the most ideal choice
Or you can try a bit of texture, but do not be too cumbersome offline!
4. Stay away from things too revealing
The sexy design, daring can help you make an impression in the party or in the street, but we will bring insight objectionable office place. Besides the suit also lose the professionalism required of her work. So you need to adjust the appropriate balance between sexy and elegant on each set of items to bring her elegant and chic.
5. If you have any concerns about your clothes, do not wear them
You all know that beauty always comes with confidence, so if there is any reason to fret about the clothes you wear, it is best to find a perfect outfit DIFFERENT!
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6. Find out how strokes for familiar items
You can refresh your familiar outfit by accenting different accessories, mix & match the unique or simply select the alternative item. Such as jeans with small cuts will give you youthful, personality but still damn polite office place. You were bored shirt with trousers area? Combine it with floating trousers. A-line skirt, pencil skirt hem tassels also help you look liberal and more with the trend.Select slip on / sneaker instead of shoes enough to spearhead your appearance totally changed … There are many ways you can make your look fresh with only minor changes in the selection and matching outfits .
von vogue sheer and distressed