Only shirt designs familiar, you can also nice and cool all week at work but not too concerned about the selection and combination chart

The more stuff for the new day is always a headache with all the girls. Clothes can not multiply and every day items only been there in the closet. So how to outwardly always new, always with trends without having to “sacrifice” for the money? For these situations, the basic items will promote the advantages of its extremely efficient.
New fad may pass away or rise in just one night, but there are items even as time how fluently we remain sustainable with one village. Shirt is one such outfit, especially for office fashion. So please stop ignoring the hot trend is to storm this summer and come back to what the easiest. Come to enjoy the shirt and wonderful variations from small martial item, you will not be surprised about the possibility of complete new change and where the majority of their styles. The same experiment with the mix formula for 1 week shirt working offline.

Monday: Elegant: Shirts slippery + trousers

To start a new work week full of inspiration, what will not fit over the designer pants and shirts elegant, feminine to bring a modern touch, for her dynamic work chin chu so.Su seriously at the start will give you professional style for the whole week. Thus, the pair will make your week start very excited and full of enthusiasm.

Oxford shoes will be a highlight exciting to set your map when they bring echoes of elegant menswear styles

While high heels to give her what had offices, extremely feminine lovely

Tuesday: fresh with motifs: motifs shirts + skirt

These shirts will be rich textures that highlight the third day of you fresh and vibrant. Besides, the lightness of the skirt will make steps to your workplace more pleasant and gentle, especially in hot muggy weather. However, because there was accenting textures in clothing so you just use plain skirt color, neutral color or texture color is modern and has very perfect. Denim skirts are also choosing alternative favored by the sisters this summer, though the same shirt mix designs should be simple, not sophisticated to match the denim looks healthy.

Wednesday: Dynamic: dress shirts

In the multitude of dresses for women, shirtdress (dress shirt) is the style never goes out of fashion when they bring charm but equally dynamic for the ladies. Midweek is the time do not get comfortable so dress shirts will be a source of inspiration for new life, so you have more energy for your working day. They are comfortable, not fussy, very elegant, especially over longer capable of hiding poor round 2 of her slender work. So what are you waiting without choosing a dress shirt to the office this day anyway.

Thursday: Personality: oversized shirt + jeans

Oversize Shirt long-sleeved, figure out how large the variety of designs according brings fashion personality styles to each girl and on Thursday, the liberal comfort will make your mind is liberated from those tired when the weekend is still far to relieve stress. You can apply styles with oversized shirt or tanktop as outer front flap tucked tails drop. Also, wide shape shirt tucked in baggy jeans and cute bear, accompanied oxford shoe is a mix formula interesting map, create focal points for style and bring your youthfulness to your appearance.

Friday: Youthful: Shirts high crop top + leggings map

If the shirt represents elegance, elegant, when we bring more of the crop top shape to represent seems liberal, slightly younger accompanied by an attractive sexy. Combined with high waistband pants, this duo will light up your day with a weekend to look forward to complete relaxation, fun with friends. At the same time they are also the perfect combination for the girl wants to stand out but still apprehensive before the gap bold.

Here are some samples of clothes and dress shirts for women vendors reference. Because the sale is seasonal so there are many beautiful designs and shirts under $50

Polka dot shirt ASOS discount € 20 to 14 €

ASOS Shirt Designs crop top € 30 discount 14 € 

ASOS denim shirt next door € 30 discount to 24 € 

Denim shirts are down next door ASOS € 45 discount 28 € 

Army green shirt skirt H & M $ 25 

Shirts, H & M floral design lace crop top has hit $ 35

Shirts next door blue motifs H & M $ 10 

Topshop denim shirt shape to 30 € to 18 € discount 

Topshop shirt look cropped top, pressed flowers in the neck and sleeves € 36 discount 10 €

Zara shirt polka dot sheer fabric fell to $ 29.99 $ 49.99 

Zara shirt classic reticle shrugged dirt fell 39.99 $ 69.99 

Zara plaid shirt classical motifs fell $ 69.99 $ 39.99 

Red and white plaid shirt dropped to $ 19.99 $ 39.90 

Zara shirt style menswear men fell $ 59.90 $ 29.99 

Zara shirt white eyelet lace hit in the neck fell $ 69.99 $ 39.99

Zara checkered shirt dropped to $ 39.99 $ 69.99 

Zara skirt denim shirt straps tie fell $ 29.99 $ 79.90

Zara denim shirt dropped to $ 29.99 $ 79.90