Pumpkin Cupcake not only delicious, but also incredibly beautiful love shape. The pumpkin pie yellow cupcake with cream eye suck tasty pumpkin chocolate day and pretty little hat on top would be great suggestion for you to perform in special occasions. Come on, into the kitchen and learn how to make pumpkin cupcakes along Lamsao offline!

In doing this pumpkin cupcake, you need:

– 150g flour

– 75g butter

– 90g sugar

– 2 eggs

– 50g cream

– 1 teaspoon baking powder

– 125g pumpkin steamed

Part Icing:

– 120g cooked pumpkin puree

– 45g sugar – 80g butter


– 6 tablets chocolate pyramid

– 70g dark chocolate

Step 1 : To perform a pumpkin cupcake baker, first to the butter at room temperature until soft. Next, the butter in a clean casual and conducted beat until the butter becomes fluffy and turns ivory, you give way to beat them in 3 minutes offline.

You beat 2 eggs in a bowl, stir butter mixture slowly into the road, just pour the mixture you just hit for decent smooth cotton. Then you add the flour and baking powder into the butter mixture, eggs, sugar and stir up.

how to make cupcakes 1

Step 2: The next step of how to make pumpkin cupcakes are you to ice cream mixture into the eggs, sugar, butter, flour and stir up. For boiled pumpkin puree into cream mixture and stir just decent mix.

You use a paper cup liner 6 in the bottom of the mold. You divide the flour mixture into the mold, note the maximum filling only ¾ mold whiff. You turn on the oven, conducted at 175 degrees C baking for 30 minutes. Note: the oven temperature and baking time may vary depending on the size of the mold and oven.

Want to try cooked or not, use a toothpick to plug into the middle of the cake to see if withdrawal toothpick toothpick is clean and dry.

how to make cupcakes 2

Step 3: How do witches hat: You steamed to melt chocolate or chocolate can go in the microwave also. You give chocolate on cream cotton and plastic bags began to tighten. Next, you squeeze into 6 larger diameter circle diameter for the chocolate candy brim. You put 6 up on candy cap chocolate pie made 6 brim and let dry thoroughly decent candy.

how to make cupcakes 3

Step 4: That know-how to make ice cream: To butter at room temperature into the European mix. You add sugar and pumpkin puree in electric mixer and then get beaten up a mixture thereof. You catch bag cream in ice cream has to pre blind, began cream onto the surface of the cupcakes have cooled offline.

how to make cupcakes 4

Step 5: After baked cupcakes, you get a knife sharpener in the recess of bread. Conducting catch cream pie pumpkin upward spiral from outside to inside. Next, you add decorations on the cake witch’s hat is already finished chocolate baking chocolate cupcake already.

how to make cupcakes 5

Cupcake is very easy to decorate cakes and can be combined with many grains, fresh fruit, … different. On special occasions, you can perform a flourish, making soft aromatic pumpkin cupcakes this. Soft moist pumpkin cupcake cake, pumpkin-scented pumpkin cream eating fat and soft and sweet chocolate hat extremely attractive that home!
how to make cupcakes 7