Not only vibrate when budgets pockets with almost a hundred million, you can consider a vacation in this paradise island!

Until now, in the minds of many people, go Maldives would still be something … luxury experience so dire. Speaking to Maldives is said to resort 5, 6 stars, comes to the private beach, the magnificent private island. A holiday in the Maldives, many people do not take into account is estimated to spend approximately equal to one-day European trip. Just like that, in the beginning of the default one that wants to go to Maldives? Be prepared very very very much money.

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But go Maldives was not difficult, and of course did not even expensive as many people think. Maldives gentle, gorgeous but also very easygoing and ready to welcome even those who travel like most savings. But that advice has not yet made you feel comfortable and confident that calculates trip Maldives on the occasion, try to read a full article of the reasons that we have tried to list below.

1. Go Maldives without a visa!

Maldives is one of the rare free VISA country for visitors traveling . Who knows love adventure, a visa is a work of suffering and fatigue most in life. Prove everything, worry all sorts of papers, but not sure … approved. So not to worry visa will definitely save you a lot of time and money.


2. Go back not too difficult

Although Vietnam has no direct flights to Malé (capital of Maldives), but the transit in Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok is not something too terrible to you thinking that shook her head bored clam (especially those at airport duty free counters Bangkok certainly would cost you a billion times). After the transit, it will take about 4 hours to get to the Maldives.Often, visitors travel will stay a night at Malé then from there take the ferry to the island with a very low cost.

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3. It is not terrifying as it looks expensive

Unless you want to live the days of princely princess in 5 star resort and is transported by private jet carrying on, the prices hotels and resorts in the Maldives affordable within the “acceptable” to the young . Average prices for hotels and resorts in the Maldives affordable fell into 150 – $ 300 . Of course, more expensive than Vietnam very much, but this, we’re in Maldives engine that, compare with fancy resorts priced from $ 1,000 or here the most genuine price from 7000 $ to see the difference offline!


4. Stay in the beachfront … praises do not ask

“Specialty” of Maldives is a beachfront home. You can lie Eng run in the room, one hand to big bowl of fruit, a side of the control speaker and emit far eye views of the emerald green sea.



5. Dinner to chảnh very romantic beach side

Almost every resort in Maldives offers this service, especially to ultra luxurious resort to.Just think of the atmosphere was less intense heat of the coast, was sitting by the beach eating dinner while watching the sunset gradually let go on the water, you have seen on this trip … worth every penny to yet?



6. Well relax on a hammock

People tend to Maldives to experience the life of luxury and extraordinary that they see on TV, but strange is that, almost everyone to get together for the Maldives are located hammock sun. A lazy experience, pleasant until each cell.


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7. Take in the sea air on a villa built on the sea …

Again, one more specialty of Maldives that definitely you should try … try using it. The villa was built on the sea of the Maldives is one of the iconic images of the island’s tourism this.Sitting legs dangling between the fresh air, the cloudless turquoise sea surface underneath and around completely separate, you need anything else during a tourist resort this summer?