Cuff jeans (pants cuff) is not too strange for her youthful and trendy.

1. For the present she or skinny jeans – a small roll

First, fold the bear population 2 turns with each side about 2.5cm thickness and do the same with the other leg. Then align the two sides symmetrical to each other bear populations, not skewed on the thickness and length of the legs.

Moreover, if the sisters skinny jeans pants style elastic good, then she can apply stealth cuff pants, did the same manner as above but folded bear populations is another step flip it inside Then the bear populations go flat. Thus, the pants cuff your jeans look neat, more smoothness.

2. Boyfriend jeans – oriented to the

For the girls prefer the comfort, convenience of the pants boyfriend, to have more personality, and she should bend slightly thicker bear populations, ie just once folded and rolled to copy. However, for more fancy look, people can view cuff jeans styled asymmetric, meaning a lovely pants a little higher than the rest of pants.

3. Mix cuff jeans

Cuff focused gaze jeans opposite to the lower parts of you, so make sure you pick the right pair of shoes fit. Therefore cuff wearing jeans bring the liberal view, so we need to change it by the opposition as items into chảnh heels, slim, especially the attention she should not have the presence of the double disaster high heels complicated. With these pants jeans asymmetrical cuff pants bear is a combination of sneakers shoes and vans will make a perfect outfit. But the best, to match the office environment, and she should mix his pants and a pair of high heel simple.

Similarly, the presence of cuff jeans jacket combined with simple style, not too fussy. And to specifically suit the elegant office she then suggested mix white on white is also very interesting. Or even just one item, or white jeans or a shirt, blouse, white … and she can bring the opposite classy look, personality.

Or even outfits like this also bring formal elements

Sometimes, all she could renew her style with a youthful dynamic to the holidays, by mixing cuff jeans with a heel shoes sunk like vans, converse, sandals, …