Fresh baguette bread is perhaps the icon of French cuisine. Baguette eat or not eat together with traditional cheeses like Gruyère or brie France are very tasty. If you come to Paris, try Le Grenier à Pain bakery, winner of this year's award baguette.

Baguette is not to be missed dish of French cuisine. Baguette can be eaten hot or not served with the traditional cheeses of France are delicious. Want tasty baguette bread, you go to Le Grenier à Pain Bakery – Bakery Grand prix de la won this year baguette.

Also baguette, croissant (croissant) is also a famous French cakes with crispy crusts, butter taste aromatic.

Speaking to French cuisine and French bread, it would be remiss if I forgot to mention croissant croissants. Cakes “thousand layer” had brittleness, had the scented soft butter is light dish is very popular in France in particular, and Paris in general.

Macaron is one of the most exquisite cakes of France. In Paris there are 2 brand famous macarons Pierre Herme and Maison least Ladurée.

Macaron is one of the most exquisite cakes of France. In Paris there are 2 brand famous macarons Pierre Herme and Maison least Ladurée.

Crème Brulee dessert favorite is French with caramel crust thin and hard, greasy egg cream underneath.

Crème Brulee dessert was delicious famous of France. The surface of this dish is the way classes are “torch” with fragrant fire, underneath the fat layer of cream eggs, cool.

Foie gras

Foie gras (fattened goose liver) has always been known as an exquisite cuisine and the most expensive culinary village. This dish can taste ethereal, slightly fatty, silky soft texture that nobody had tasted were very unforgettable.


For the French, nothing tasty and simple with crepes cake. This cake can be served as a dessert or a savory dish, but the most popular is still the sweet crepes with butter and sugar sectors.


Steak and fries are couples famous cuisine of France. This dish was pleased both locals and visitors alike. Arriving in Paris, do not forget to visit the restaurant Le Relais De L’ENTRECOTE with super famous steaks.

Grilled cheese sandwich meat ham and French including melted Gruyere cheese, bechamel sauce and greasy.

Baked bread French cheese will make you ecstatic by rum crispy toast, meat-scented ham and cheese Guyere melted layer.


Steak Tartare beef is chopped and mixed live with alcohol or lemon juice and some spices and raw egg yolk.


Mussel seafood is popular and is very popular in France. Mussels cooked in garlic and is often associated with potato chips in most of the restaurants.

Coq au vin chicken dish was braised in Burgundy red wine with garlic and vegetables.

Coq au vin chicken has not been feeling really dry which will dissolve immediately in your mouth by way of sophisticated processing. Chicken braised in red wine of Burgundy France and the vegetables, garlic.


Escargot Snails famous dish in France. Snails washed, take the meat out of the shell, rub it with salt for every viscosity. Then mix the meat Escargot was crushed along with scallions and garlic, butter and some other ingredients. This dish is best served hot.

Profiteroles filled with vanilla ice cream cakes are inside, outside covered with velvety chocolate sauce.

Profiteroles are pastries filled with vanilla ice cream in the “belly” and covered with chocolate outer layer velvety sauce.

The potato is a popular dish in France included. In southeastern Dauphiné, people cook a baked potato with milk and cream, called Glatin Dauphinois.

Potatoes are a popular dish in France. And in the southeast region Dauphiné, baked potatoes with milk or cream and is known as the gratin Dauphinois. This dish tastes fragrant and typical greasy, but very quickly saturated.


Scallops madeleines cakes are also typical pastries of France. This cake are fleshy and aromatic characteristics of butter.

Brittany's north-west where the most delicious oysters, especially small towns Riec-sur-Belon oyster is where the name under French BELON.

French cuisine is also famous for its delicious oysters famous, especially oysters in the North West of Brittany.